//Custom Made Bed Headboards Are Five Times More Durable than Readymade

Custom Made Bed Headboards Are Five Times More Durable than Readymade

The visual appearance of a bed usually gets affected by the quality and design of it’s headboard. Headboards have been the prominent feature of luxurious bedrooms for decades. Recent trends has made its worth at par and almost becomes essential an in a high style bedroom nowadays. Headboards are usually made of wood, foam and then skinned with fabric or leather, both come in different styles and designs, so here we have discussed how the 2 compare.

Your Own Style/ Design

Often whilst shopping in bed showrooms we fail to find a reasonable choice of style or design when it comes to headboards. Custom made enables you to turn your idea into reality where you can bring a magazine style of headboard into your home. The best part is that you get to choose the color, the feel, shape and height there are literally hundreds of possibilities.

Custom Made Headboards Maybe Cheap!

Or sometimes FREE when you purchase a bed, but they look it too! Often the foam and fabrics used are inferior in quality and they are usually mass produced at speed. A bespoke headboard should be made using the best quality materials inside and out and from start to finish by One very skilled upholsterer so that the tension is consistent throughout the piece of furniture.

Headboard Fixings

Ready made headboards are usually supplied with struts or legs. There is no fixing required as they slot straight on to the base of the bed. With a be spoke headboard it will come with an easy to fit wall mounted baton or bracket which will allow your headboard to be secured tightly to the wall above the mattress. This stops any movement which may in turn damage the wall and also makes it possible for the bed to fit tightly against the wall thus saving valuable floor space within the room. You may choose a full length headboard which will stand on the floor giving a very grand appearance and does not require a wall mount fixing.

Here at wendyhouse we make all of our own upholstered furniture, we would love to hear from you with any enquiries. If you would like to know more or require some fabric samples to get started then please drop us a line via email or call 07980 255575. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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